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Corporate Partnerships

Partner with ECAG as a sponsor, corporate partner, or strategic partner and reap the numerous benefits and rewards.

University of Adelaide

Why Partner

As a partner, you not only contribute to overcoming the challenges of establishing a new
organization but also gain visibility and recognition as a leader committed to industry

The financial support garnered through membership and partnerships play a pivotal role in
ensuring the smooth and effective functioning of ECAG. 100% of funds is strategically invested into
the services for members, having a ripple effect, by positively impacting stakeholders within the
industry, government and academia who stand to gain from the collective effort to optimise export
controls for all of Australia.

By investing in ECAG, sponsors position themselves as industry influencers, driving positive change
while enhancing their own brand reputation and influence. Join us in redefining the future of
export controls and experience the numerous benefits that come with being a key partner of ECAG.

Partnership Opportunities

Embarking on a partnership journey with ECAG opens the door to a range of strategic options, each
designed to offer tangible value and elevate your organization's visibility within the industry. The
Export Controls Australia Group (ECAG) offer four partnership tiers present a range of opportunities and sponsorship levels, such as:

• Platinum - Bespoke
• Gold Partner
• Silver Partner
• Bronze Partner

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