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A Prestigious Invitation: ECAG to present in London

A Prestigious Invitation: Navigating the Landscape of Export Controls at Defence Exports London, 2024

In an era where global trade and defence collaborations are increasingly under the microscope, the importance of understanding and navigating export controls cannot be overstated. It's within this challenging and dynamic environment that SAE's 18th Annual Defence Exports Conference stands out as a beacon of knowledge and expertise. Scheduled for the 24th to the 25th of September 2024, at the St James Court Hotel in London, UK, this event is poised to bring together a prestigious cadre of professionals from across the globe.

A Special Invitation to Export Controls Australia Group (ECAG)

In a significant acknowledgment of the expertise of ECAG co-founders Ms. Jessica Rankin and Ms. Amy McDonnell, ECAG has been formally invited to present at the Conference. ECAG's presentation, titled "Australia's Export Control Framework – Updates, Implementation, AUKUS and the Way Ahead" will delve into:

  • The role of the ECAG in developing Australia’s export controls

  • Updates on the new framework and how this will enhance Australian defence capability, collaboration and protective security

  • Challenges and lessons learned from the implementation of the framework

  • Key updates to export controls for the AUKUS partnership under the new framework

  • Next steps and requirements for future export control compliance

This invitation underscores the value of ECAG's knowledge in facilitating understanding and compliance amidst the intricate web of global export controls.

A Global Gathering of Experts

The Defence Exports Conference is not just another event in the defence industry calendar. It is a premier platform for leading lawyers, compliance experts, government officials, and industry representatives to convene, share experiences, and dissect the complexities of the global export control environment. With a focus on optimising reliability and efficiency, the conference promises to deliver invaluable insights into the implementation of robust global trade compliance programs.

What to Expect at Defence Exports 2024

The conference agenda is designed to cover a broad spectrum of topics related to defence trade compliance, including the ITAR, EAR, Dual-Use compliance, logistics and export controls, sanctions, and the Wassenaar Arrangement. Delegates will have the unique opportunity to:

  • Hear from Government and Industry Leaders: Speakers include government officials and senior international trade compliance professionals from around the world, offering a diverse range of perspectives.

  • Engage in High-Level Discussions: The conference facilitates dialogues on how to best navigate the complexities of export controls and sanctions, sharing best practices and strategies for compliance.

  • Network with Global Peers: Attendees will have the opportunity to meet and engage with a global community of professionals facing similar challenges, fostering opportunities for collaboration and knowledge exchange.

Why This Conference Matters

In a global landscape marked by increasing scrutiny and regulations, the ability to effectively navigate export controls is more crucial than ever. The Defence Exports Conference serves as a critical platform for disseminating knowledge, sharing best practices, and fostering international cooperation among those at the forefront of defense trade compliance.

Ms. Jessica Rankin and Ms. Amy McDonnell look forward to contributing to the international export control discourse and shedding light on the unique challenges and solutions relevant to professionals across the globe.

The Defence Exports Conference 2024 is not just an event; it's a pivotal moment for the global defense export community to come together and shape the future of trade compliance. For those involved in this intricate field, it represents an unparalleled opportunity for growth, learning, and global collaboration.

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