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ECAG at the Defence Connect Budget Summit | Export Controls


Today, ECAG COO Amy McDonnell had the pleasure and privilege of being at the Defence Connect Budget Summit and be a participant on the Industry Insights Panel. The event featured a distinguished panel moderated by David Spears, renowned for his work on Q&A. The panel included also included Joel Nevin, Co-Founder and Director at Blacktree Technology and Dr Jae Daniel, Co-founder at AIM Defence. The discussion covered various aspects of the Budget, the National Defence Strategy and the refurbished Integrated Investment Program (IIP), focussing on the implications for industry.

Discussion points

Export Control reforms

  • AUKUS-Related Reforms: The collaboration under AUKUS is driving significant changes in export controls. These reforms aim to streamline processes and enhance defence collaboration among the three nations.

  • Industry Opportunities: McDonnell emphasised that the new legislation under AUKUS presents numerous opportunities for industry players. Companies need to stay informed and identify potential benefits arising from these changes.

  • Engagement and Feedback: She encouraged industry stakeholders to engage actively with the reform process. Providing feedback on what is working and what is not will be crucial in shaping effective and practical regulations.

Industry Outreach and Engagement

Another critical topic discussed was the $28 million allocated to facilitate government outreach to industry and university stakeholders affected by these changes. Key points included:

  • Funding Allocation: The budget has earmarked $28 million specifically for outreach activities. This funding aims to ensure that both industry and academic institutions are well-informed and prepared for the upcoming changes.

  • Importance of Engagement: Active participation from industry and universities is essential. Engaging with stakeholders will help identify practical challenges and opportunities, ensuring the reforms are beneficial for all parties involved.

  • Advocacy and Support: The government is committed to advocating for the interests of industry and academic stakeholders. Continuous feedback will help refine the reforms, making them more effective and aligned with real-world needs.


The Defence Connect Budget event underscored the importance of collaboration between the government, industry, and academia in navigating the changes brought about by the recent budget and national defence strategy. ECAG COO Ms McDonnell highlighted the proactive steps being taken to facilitate engagement and ensure that the reforms under AUKUS are designed and implemented effectively.

As we move forward, it is crucial for all stakeholders to stay engaged, provide feedback, and take advantage of the opportunities presented by these reforms. The government's commitment to advocacy and support will play a vital role in achieving a seamless transition and fostering a robust defence industry.

Call to Action

We encourage all industry and university stakeholders to stay informed about the ongoing reforms and actively participate in the engagement processes. Your feedback is invaluable in shaping a defence export control strategy that works for everyone. Together, we can build a stronger, more integrated defence industry. Please provide any feedback, anonymously or not, and ECAG will engage on your behalf with the key Government decision makers.

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