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Independent Review of the Defence Trade Controls Act 2012

ECAG welcomes the finalised and published review of the Defence Trade Controls Act 2012 and the review's outcomes.

On March 20, 2024, the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Defence, the Hon Richard Marles MP, presented the findings of the Independent Review of the Defence Trade Controls Act 2012, along with the Government's Response, to the Australian Parliament.

The examination scrutinized the Defence Trade Controls Act 2012 within the context of prevailing policies and regulations that govern the safeguarding of sensitive and critical technology. It also assessed the adequacy of existing mechanisms for technology transfer in complementing these regulations.

Throughout the review process, the leadership team conducted thorough consultations with stakeholders. The review attracted 61 written contributions and facilitated six round-table discussions nationwide, featuring participation from government, industry, academic institutions, and leading organizations.


The review put forth 10 proposals designed to enhance Australia’s export control system by streamlining procedures and expanding outreach and education concerning the regulatory framework.

The Australian Government has:

  • Accepted seven of the recommendations outright and agreed in principle to the remaining three.

  • Committed to maintaining a close collaboration with key stakeholders, including those from industry and the academic sector, to bring the review's suggestions to fruition.

  • Announced plans to enact these significant recommendations in conjunction with upcoming amendments to the Defence Trade Controls Act 2012.

The link to the recommendations and governments response are here.

ECAG eagerly anticipates potential collaborations with the government to help realise some of these suggested measures.

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