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Media Release: Global Defence & Dual Use Trade Coalition (GDDTC) Inaugural Meeting Charts Path for Closer Cross-Border Collaboration

Updated: May 1


In a global first, on the 15th of March 2024, senior officials from premier defence and dual use industry trade associations across Australia, the United States, and the United Kingdom convened for the inaugural meeting of the Global Defence & Dual Use Trade Coalition (GDDTC). Hosted virtually, the meeting brought together senior representatives from the Export Controls Australia Group (ECAG) in Australia, the Aerospace Industries Association (AIA) in the US, and ADS Group in the UK.

GDDTC underscores a shared commitment to advancing defence industry interests while fostering closer technology and capability collaboration and innovation on a global scale, but without undermining the effectiveness of the current global system for strategic export controls.

The meeting, led by Ms. Amy McDonnell, COO of ECAG, facilitated discussion on topical defence matters in each of the AUKUS nations’ respective and combined defence industrial base. Discussions centred on the benefits of collaborating to support the respective and combined AUKUS industrial base, especially in light of anticipated export control regime changes that may be pending.

Attendees included Jessica Rankin (CEO, ECAG), Brinley Salzmann (Director, ADS/EGADD), Dak Hardwick (Vice President, AIA), Emma Hamilton (Senior Manager, AIA) and Lizzie Patterson (Manager, AIA).

GDDTC attendees committed to:

  1. Increased collaboration: The group expressed a commitment to identifying areas for increased collaboration to support each nations’ strategic objectives for rapid technology collaboration balanced by international security and non-proliferation considerations.

  2. Sharing Industry & Academia Insights: The group affirmed their interest in sharing export control insights and lessons learned in their respective industrial bases. Each participant committed to drive and inform collective best practice.

  3. Regular Forums: The group agreed to convene again in early April to build on the momentum gained during this inaugural meeting. Subsequent forums will be scheduled to coincide with significant industry developments, such as anticipated defence policy changes and international agreements.

For further information or media inquiries, please contact:

Global Defence & Dual Use Trade Coalition (GDDTC): The Global Defence & Dual Use Trade Coalition (GDDTC) brings together defence and dual-use trade leaders from Australia, the United States, and the United Kingdom to foster cooperation, advocate for common interests, and drive

innovation in the sector on a global scale. Through dialogue, education and advocacy, the Coalition seeks to address shared challenges and opportunities, ultimately contributing to the advancement of the global defence industry.

GDDTC Inaugural Meeting - Media Release
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