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Export Controls Job Board


Discover top export control talent or find your dream role in Australia's export compliance sector. Our job board connects employers with skilled professionals adept in navigating international trade regulations. Whether you're a seasoned compliance officer or an aspiring defence and dual-use trade expert, explore diverse opportunities tailored to your expertise. Streamlined search features and personalised job listings make finding the perfect match effortless. Join us today and propel your export control career forward.

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At Export Controls Australia Group, our mission is to cultivate a robust ecosystem of export control practitioners in Australia, recognising its critical importance in today's ever-evolving geopolitical landscape. We are dedicated to supporting the development of skilled professionals who play a pivotal role in balancing the imperative of increased international innovation and trade with the pressing need for nonproliferation efforts.


In an environment where technologies, components, software, and data must be safeguarded from falling into the wrong hands, our focus is on equipping individuals with the knowledge and expertise necessary to safeguard our national strategic interests. Through education, insights and advocacy, we aim to foster a community of adept practitioners committed to upholding the integrity of Australia's export control framework.

Contact us to advertise your role

Elevate your search for top export control talent with Export Controls Australia Group. Advertise your role with us to access a community of skilled professionals dedicated to navigating Australia's complex export landscape. As the demand for expertise in international trade regulations and nonproliferation efforts continues to rise, we provide a platform to showcase your opportunities to qualified individuals committed to upholding national strategic interests. Gain unparalleled exposure and connect with candidates equipped with the education and insights necessary to excel in today's dynamic environment ​ Email us at to advertise here.

Current Vacancies

Goal Group is a specialist export control consultancy firm. There is a current EOI for all levels of Trade Compliance Practitioners, from junior through to senior, to fill opportunities in Government and industry. Hybrid and remote working arrangements. Salary dependent on experience. 

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