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Questions answered at ECAG's Webinar on Australia’s New Export Control Law

In a well-timed and insightful webinar, ECAG recently hosted a session featuring Ms. Kylie Wright, Assistant Secretary Defence Industry International Policy from the Australian Department of Defence. The event was part of the ECAG Q&A series and focused on the newly enacted Defence Trade Controls Amendment Act 2024. The session occurred shortly after the U.S. Department of State released the proposed AUKUS ITAR exemption language for Australia and the UK had released its national exemption Open General Export Licence, adding significant relevance to the discussion.


Ms. Wright provided a comprehensive overview of the amendments introduced by the Act, explaining the motivations for its development, detailing the three new offences created, and introducing the National Exemption for AUKUS partner countries. Her presentation aimed to clarify the implications of these changes for both industry and academia.


The webinar saw robust participation, with attendees from diverse sectors including Australian defence and dual-use industries, universities, government officials, and international industry analysts. Prior to the event, participants were invited to submit questions, resulting in over 35 queries that underscored the keen interest in understanding and leveraging the opportunities presented by the new legislation.


Ms. Wright addressed a wide array of questions that spanned the full spectrum of stakeholder concerns—from how the Department of Defence plans to support stakeholders through the transition, to the specifics of timeframes between current and new legislation, and even the treatment of Australian dual nationals under the new framework. She provided thorough responses and supplemented her answers with additional context where necessary.


 Additionally, Ms. Wright highlighted ongoing efforts by Defence to update the supporting regulations and encouraged active participation from both industry and academia. She underscored the importance of feedback, particularly concerning the lapsing arrangements for DSGL Part 1 goods in the section 10B offence and the structure of 10A permits for in-country transfers to foreign nationals. This feedback is crucial as it helps tailor the legislation to better meet both national security needs and maintain business and research continuity.


The webinar concluded with Ms. Wright announcing upcoming trilateral roadshows in May on the national exemptions, a collaborative effort between Defence teams from Australia, the United States, and the United Kingdom. ECAG will update its platforms with the dates and locations of these events, which are also available on the Defence website.


The ECAG webinar not only provided essential insights into the new Defence Trade Controls Amendment Act but also demonstrated the proactive steps being taken by Australian authorities to ensure smooth implementation and broad understanding among all stakeholders involved.

Register to attend the virtual session next Tuesday, 07 May 2024 from 0910-1010 ACST (GMT+9:30) (for those not attending the Export Controls Conference in person) free of charge via registration at the following link:  

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